Honduras-Israel agreement will strengthen army to fight organized crime

Marcus Moraes

RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) — Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez announced he will send to Congress a signed agreement with Israel that will enhance his country’s armed forces in an unprecedented way in order to fight organized crime.

“I am sending to Congress a very important agreement with the State of Israel, which is pivotal to the growth of the Honduran nation. It will allow the strengthening of our armed forces with capabilities we have probably never had,” Hernandez declared.

The agreement, which will be now be submitted to the legislature for its approval, was announced in light of the 52nd anniversary of the founding of the army’s second airborne infantry battalion, reported the Spanish-language Iton Gadol news service on Sunday.

The president added he foresees some disagreement in the parliament, but asked lawmakers to finally approve the agreement, under which the Honduran army will count on “cutting-edge technology” from Israel to fight “the highest levels of crime in the last 15 years.”