Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires, Polish Government honor Janusz Korczak

BUENOS AIRES (JTA) – The Polish government and the Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires inaugurated a two-day seminar about Janusz Korczak.


The event which began Tuesday is part of the activities marking 70 years since German soldiers sent Korczak and 192 Jewish orphans to their deaths in Treblinka, a Nazi extermination camp.

“The importance of Korczak in relation to the Holocaust is very well known, so in this seminar we try to focus on his huge importance as a revolutionary educator and his support of the rights of the child,” Edyta Kwiatkowska Farys, cultural attaché of the Polish embassy in Argentina, told JTA.

The first day of the seminar included the participation of Argentinean Federal Judge Daniel Rafecas; Israeli Professor Iosi Goldstein, as well as other researchers; and the presentation of the book “Inferno of Choices, Poles and the Holocaust” by Sebastian Rejak and Elzbieta Frister.

According to Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires President Alejandro Dosoretz, the objectives of this conference are to “learn in order to transmit, to keep alive the memory of Korczak and to promote his message.”

The seminar “Janusz Korczak: the legacy of an educator” continues Wednesday with addresses about Nazis experiments; childhood during the Holocaust; Korczak as educator; the Korszak view of the relation between teachers and students; testimony of Holocaust survivor Monica Dawidowicz; and a final panel with two dean of Argentinean universities.

The last activity, for teachers and researchers, is organized by the Polish government as part of “2012 Janusz Korczak year” activities and the Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires, with the support of almost twenty private companies; the Education Ministry of Buenos Aires City; Education Ministry of the Federal Government; Human Rights Department of Argentinean Foreign Affairs Ministry; DAIA, the Argentinean Jewish umbrella; and AMIA, the Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center.

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