Here is the Chief Rabbinate’s ‘blacklist’ of American rabbis

Ben Sales

Rabbi Avi Weiss leading a vigil and march in New York City in remembrance of the three Israeli boys who were kidnapped and killed in the West Bank days earlier, June 30, 2014. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

(JTA) — The Israeli Chief Rabbinate has a list of some 160 rabbis it does not trust to confirm the Jewish identities of immigrants.

To get married in Israel, immigrants must prove they are Jewish to the Chief Rabbinate, often via a letter by a congregational rabbi attesting to the immigrant’s Jewish identity. This list comprises rabbis whose letters were rejected during 2016. Rabbis from 24 different countries appear on the list, which includes several prominent American Orthodox leaders.

The PDF of the full document, in Hebrew, can be viewed below. In addition, JTA has transcribed the list of 65 United States rabbis into English, and has listed the 59 verifiable names below in alphabetical order, along with denomination.

JTA obtained the list from Itim, an organization that guides Israelis through the country’s religious bureaucracy, which has called the list a “blacklist.” JTA’s publication of this list should not be viewed as an endorsement.


Below is the list of United States rabbis, in  alphabetical order by first name. Several of the rabbis have died, but may have written letters attesting to congregants’ Jewish identity while still alive.

Alberto Zeilicovich, Conservative

Alexander Davis, Conservative

Alfredo Winter , Conservative

Amos Miller, Conservative

Arthur Rulnick, Conservative

Arthur Weiner , Conservative

Arthur Zuckerman, Conservative

Barry Dolinger , Orthodox

Baruch Goodman, Orthodox

Bernard Gerson, Conservative

Dan Ornstein, Conservative

Daniel Kraus, Orthodox

David Rosen, Orthodox

David Wortman, Reform

David Zaslow, Renewal

Eli Kogan, Orthodox

Eliezer Hirsch, Orthodox

George Nudell, Conservative

Gerald Serotta, Reform

Gil Steinlauf, Conservative

Harold Berman, Conservative

Irwin Groner, Conservative

Isaac lehrer, Conservative

Jacob Max , Orthodox

Jason Herman, Orthodox

Jay Rosenbaum, Reform

Joseph Potasnik, Orthodox

Joseph Radinsky, Orthodox

Josh Blass, Orthodox

Joshua Skoff, Conservative

Ken Carr, Reform

Kenneth Roseman, Reform

Leonard Gordon, Conservative

Leonid Feldman, Conservative

Marcelo Bronstein, Conservative

Mario Karpuj, Conservative

Melvin Sirner, Conservative

Michael Pont, Conservative

Michael Siegel, Conservative

Morris Allen, Conservative

Paul Plotkin, Conservative

Paul Schneider, Conservative

Paul Yedwab, Reform

Peter Grumbacher, Reform

Pinchas Chatzinoff, Orthodox

Sam Fraint, Conservative

Seth Adelson, Conservative

Seymour Siegel, Conservative

Shay Mintz, Orthodox

Shimon Paskow, Conservative

Shimon Russel, Orthodox

Stephen Denker, Reform

Stephen Goodman, Reform

Stephen Mason, Reform

Stephen Steindel, Conservative

Steve Schwartz, Conservative

Yaakov Kalmanofsky, Conservative

Yaier Lehrer, Conservative

Yehoshua Fass, Orthodox

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