Hacker takes over Israeli deputy FM’s website


A hacker temporarily took over the website of Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon.

The hacking attempt came Monday. Ayalon had spoken out over the weekend against cyber terrorism after suspected Saudi hackers released the details of thousands of Israeli credit card holders in three files over several days.

Ayalon’s website was down for about a half-hour. He reportedly has tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

“They will not be able to stop my activities and work on behalf of Israel,” Ayalon said in a statement. “Certainly not in cyberspace, where we have had recent successes on YouTube and Facebook. Cyberspace appears to be the new battlefield, and our opponents will not be able to defeat us on this plane either.”

On Monday, Israeli hackers told Ynet that they are in possession of the details of thousands of credit cards used on Saudi shopping websites and will release them at “the right moment” in retaliation for the Saudi hackers’ attacks on Israeli citizens.

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