Green Party’s Jill Stein requests recount in Michigan presidential vote

Marcy Oster

(JTA) — Jill Stein, the presidential nominee of the Green Party, has requested a full hand count of Michigan’s presidential vote.

Stein made the request on Wednesday in the state where President-elect Donald Trump defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by less than 11,000 votes, or two-tenths of one percent of the state’s nearly 4.8 million votes.

Stein, who is Jewish, has already requested vote recounts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, Trump defeated Clinton by some 22,000 votes. In Pennsylvania, Trump defeated Clinton by about 71,000 votes, or one percent of all votes cast.

Trump currently leads Clinton in the Electoral College by 306 to 232. Clinton leads Trump in the popular vote by more than 2.3 million votes.

It is unlikely that the recounts will overturn the election’s results.