Elsewhere: Underestimating Purim, wordy Jews, 32 crazy hamantaschen

The complications of a Jewish state: Ari Shavit and political scientist Shibley Telhami talk about the issue of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state and its implications for the peace process. (NPR)

Stop underestimating Purim: The Book of Esther has important lessons for how to survive as a nation in the diaspora, Rabbi Jordie Gerson writes. (Huffington Post)

Jews in so many words: Simon Schama’s new book “The Story of the Jews” offers an intimate and prolix look at the history of a wordy people, Dwight Garner writes. (N.Y. Times) 

32 hamantaschen recipes that break the mold: From savory pizza hamantaschen to fruity “hamantartlets,” this guide takes the familiar cookie to whole new levels. (Buzzfeed)

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