Elsewhere: The end of liberal Zionism, Jewish sperm, Russell Brand vs. Anti-Semitism

Talia Lavin

The end of liberal Zionism?: With the decline of the Israeli left, liberal Zionists in the Diaspora are struggling to maintain their political identity, Antony Lerman writes. (N.Y. Times)

What’s going on with Jewish sperm?: While Israel faces a critical sperm shortage, Jewish donations are “flying off the shelves” of U.S. sperm banks. (Forward)

Hillel’s non-Jews: On numerous campuses, some gentile students, whether on a spiritual quest or just drawn in by Jewish friends, have become regulars at the Jewish student organization. (Tablet)

What’s left of Israel’s left: Public opinion was already moving to the right, but the Gaza conflict has accelerated the process, empowering nationalist and militant voices and eroding public sympathy for the Palestinians, Gregg Carlstrom writes.(The Week)

Russell Brand vs. Anti-Semitism: The movie star talks anti-Semitism in England, the war in Gaza and that time he dropped acid at a Seder. (HuffPo)

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