Elsewhere: Silence on Gaza, naming haredi sex offenders, reanimating the Holocaust

Miriam Moster

Silence on Gaza: Afraid to jeopardize friendships or be judged, many New Yorkers are avoiding sharing their opinions about the Israel-Gaza conflict, Tim Murphy writes. (N.Y. Magazine)

Hamas’ reign of terror: Gazans may be unhappy with Hamas, but they are too scared to speak up against it, human rights activists say. (Times of Israel)

Breaking up with a community: Divorce and custody disputes are particularly complicated for individuals leaving haredi Orthodoxy because the community almost always sides with the religious partner. (Wall Street Journal)

Naming sex offenders: With the release of 20 names, Brooklyn’s new district attorney, Kenneth Thompson, has ended his predecessor’s longtime policy of shielding the identities of accused haredi Orthodox sex offenders. (N.Y. Post)

Reanimating the Holocaust: Los Angeles-area teenagers spend part of the summer interviewing Holocaust survivors and making animated films based on their interviews. (L.A. Weekly)

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