Elsewhere: Seven dubious Jewish foods, Hasidic whistleblower’s grief, Lena Dunham goes biblical

Orthodoxy and feminism on the radio: Emma Barnett, Women’s Editor at the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, grapples with her Orthodox upbringing and her staunch feminism. (BBC Radio 4)

Seven dubious Jewish foods:  From pickled herring to kishkes, here are seven Jewish foods that baffle even well-meaning gentiles. (Huffington Post)

Hasidic whistleblower’s grief:  Despite being acquitted of extortion, Samuel Kellner still feels grief after speaking out about Hasidic sex abuse. (N.Y. Times)

Israelis, Arabs cooperate to help Syrian refugees: A multifaith initiative to aid Syrian refugees has taken root in Florida. (Miami Herald)

Original ‘Girl’: In Lena Dunham’s biblical SNL parody, Eve is a primordial prima donna. (Time)

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