Elsewhere: Sabras in Berlin, Israel’s impending crash, hubby’s Hitler issues

Julie Wiener

Sabras in Berlin: Young Israelis are increasingly moving to Germany’s capital, where a complicated Jewish past is both resonant and irrelevant. (The New Yorker)
Israel’s impending crash? Israel’s economic boom is a bubble similar to those that caused the global financial crisis, writes Jesse Colombo.(Forbes)
Hubby’s Hitler issues: The Atlantic republishes a 1939 essay by a “pro-German” American woman who is married to a Jew and complains he’s a bit oversensitive about the Hitler thing.(The Atlantic)
Tunisia’s pilgrimage polemics: An annual Jewish pilgrimage and festival in Tunisia has sparked tensions between the North African country’s tourism industry and politicians who oppose any relations with Israel or Israelis.(Christian Science Monitor)
Pro-Israel Presbyterian: Reinhold Niebuhr’s daughter and nephew come to Israel’s defense, slamming members of the Presbyterian Church (USA) for maligning the late theologian’s views on the necessity for a Jewish homeland. (Huffington Post)

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