Elsewhere: Reasons to invade, 317-million-state solution, hijabs and haredim

Miriam Moster

Reasons to invade: Israel had logical reasons for launching its ground invasion of Gaza, Aaron David Miller writes. (Politico)

Don’t just blame Hamas: The current war might have been avoided had Israel and the United States responded differently to the Palestinian unity government, Nathan Thrall writes. (N.Y. Times)

Western liberals vs. Israel: Israel is being treated as if it is the source of all that is wrong in the world, Brendan O’Neill writes. (Spiked)

Come to Israel!: The best way Diaspora Jews can show solidarity with Israel while it’s under fire is to visit, Bonna Devora Haberman writes. (Times of Israel)

Hijabs and haredim: When an Orthodox Jewish clothing company posted a picture on Facebook of a Muslim modeling one of its skirts, some patrons were angry. (Village Voice)

The 317-million-state solution: The satirical newspaper offers a modest proposal for peace in the Middle East. (The Onion)

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