Elsewhere on the Web: Jews and coffee, Roth’s reputation, Tikkun Olam trouble

Jews and coffee: From Medieval Italian traders to rabbinic responsa about coffee shops, Jews and coffee have a fascinating history.  (Moment)

Roth’s evolving reputation:  Philip Roth was an outre, scandalous writer, and now he’s a lauded literary hero, Adam Kirsch writes. (New Republic)

Jewish surnames and their origins: Where do Jewish last names come from? Patronymics, occupations, “insult names” and more. (Slate)

Incitement and Palestinian agreements: The Knesset’s focus on Palestinian incitement reveals that popular hatred is a powerful roadblock to peace. (Times of Israel)

The trouble with tikkun olam: Jewish groups shouldn’t sacrifice particularism for the sake of progressive politics, writes Naomi Schaefer Riley. (N.Y. Post)


Study all Night: The Story of Jews and Coffee

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