Elsewhere: Mourning Mandela, Sharpton vs. knockouts, Lev Tahor’s fundraising

South Africa’s Jews mourn: The country’s Jews gather in synagogues to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela. (Forward)

Shoah testimonies: The USC Shoah Foundation has videotaped  nearly 52,000 testimonies of eyewitnesses to the Holocaust. (L.A. Times)

Lev Tahor’s fundraising operation: A Canadian-based Hasidic group accused of being a cult has raised million of dollars through two charities. (Toronto Star)

Sharpton vs. knockouts: Al Sharpton condemns knockout attacks on Jews and disputes the notion that they stem from anti-Semitism within the black community. (Tablet)

The price of academic boycotts:  While the American Studies Association’s boycott resolution  calls for shunning Israeli academic institutions, individual scholars could also be stigmatized, writes Michelle Goldberg. (The Nation)

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