Elsewhere: Millennials and inmarriage, settler-refugee linkage, rabbi returns windfall

Millennials and inmarriage: Efforts to convince Jewish millennials to marry other Jews are in tension with the generation’s ethos, writes Emma Green. (Atlantic)

Settlers and refugees: A peace agreement could peg the number of Palestinian refugees and their descendants allowed to re-settle in Israel to the number of West Bank Jewish settlers who choose to remain behind in a Palestinian state, proposes Yossi Beilin. (International N.Y. Times)

An anti-Israel tale: In its determination to portray Israel in a bad light, Max Blumenthal’s book “Goliath” is more like a novel than a work of journalism, writes Liel Leibovitz. (Tablet)

50 Jews who made news: The Forward picks its annual list of Jewish newsmakers, with Veronique Pozner, Edith Windsor, Philip Roth, Joseph Neubauer and Sheryl Sandberg in the top five slots. (Forward)

Returning a windfall: A Connecticut rabbi buys a desk on craigslist and finds $98,000 hidden inside. (WTNH)

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