Elsewhere: Mesopotamia’s sexy sculptures, shul’s drug dilemma, case for freeing Pollard

Investigating MLA claims: Despite a “paucity of hard data” to prove recent claims that Israel regularly bars scholars from lecturing and researching at Palestinian universities in the West Bank, numerous anecdotes indicate the problem may be real. (Forward) 

Mesopotamia’s sexy sculptures:  At the Israel Museum’s Archaeology Wing, some surprisingly erotic ancient art displays a multitude of positions and acts. (Times of Israel)

U.S. Jews rethink bris: A small but growing number of Jews are skipping the public circumcision ceremony for their newborn sons, while others are opting out of circumcision altogether. (Guardian)

Shul’s drug dilemma: A Staten Island synagogue struggles with whether to host a public engagement ceremony for a marijuana smuggler. (Staten Island Advance)

Case for freeing Pollard: Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard deserves to be set free, Tablet Magazine writes in an editorial. (Tablet)


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