Elsewhere: ‘Maus’ vs. Israel, did Orthodox bankrupt schools?, Abu Mazen’s way

Julie Wiener

‘Maus’ vs. Israel: After a lifetime of silence about the Jewish state, artist/author Art Spiegelman of ‘Maus’ fame weighs in with a new collage about the Gaza war. Israel advocates probably won’t be pleased. (Forward)

Did Orthodox Jews bankrupt schools?: Is East Ramapo’s Orthodox dominated school board to blame for the school district’s financial problems? An investigation by reporter Batya Ungar-Sargon says no. (Tablet)

Abu Mazen’s way: At 80, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas feels more confident than ever standing up both to Hamas and the Israelis, Nahum Barnea writes. (Ynet)

Left out: The Israeli left has isolated itself by relying too heavily on overseas allies and threats to leave the country, Shmuel Rosner writes. (N.Y. Times)

Nursing halachically: The Jerusalem College of Technology’s new nursing program for religiously observant men — touted as the first of its kind — is uniquely attuned to gender and halachic issues. (Times of Israel)

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