Elsewhere: Mandela and us, diminishing Israel’s clout, Jewish vs. universal

Pro-Jewish and pro-Palestinian: Nelson Mandela had a complicated relationship to Israel, and South Africa’s Jews had a complicated relationship to his struggle. (Times of Israel)

Among the Afrikaners: Amir Mizroch recalls watching Nelson Mandela’s ascendance as a Jewish boy living in an Afrikaner town. (Tablet)

Mandela’s two sides: Nelson Mandela was a reassuring figure but could also say and do things that made his country’s Jewish community nervous, writes Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan. (Forward)

Netanyahu’s losing fight: By publicly clashing with the Obama administration over Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is undermining Israel’s international standing, writes Yossi Melman. (i24 News)

Funding Jewish and universal needs: A leading Jewish foundation’s new direction highlights the tension between meeting Jewish communal needs and desires for more universalistic approaches, writes Gary Rosenblatt. (N.Y. Jewish Week)

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