Elsewhere: Keep your kippah on, growing concern for Negev farmers, break the routine at U.N.

Raffi Wineburg

Keep your kippah on: Observant Jews in New York should not let concerns about anti-Semitic hooliganism stop them from proudly wearing a yarmulke in public, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein writes. (N.Y. Jewish Week)

Growing concern for Negev farmers: Rockets from Gaza disrupted agricultural work throughout Israel’s South. Now farmers, aided by some urban volunteers, are scrambling to catch up before the start of Shmita, the agricultural sabbatical year. (Times of Israel)

Break the routine at U.N.: The usual Israeli-Jewish talking points at the United Nations General Assembly opening need to be updated and revamped this year to reflect recent world events, write Micah Halpern and Shai Franklin. (JPost)

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