Elsewhere: Jews and Ferguson, Arab saves Israelis, sexy kosher lingerie

Talia Lavin

Jews and Ferguson: Jews are also implicated in structures of oppression, Jay Michaelson writes.  (Forward)

Animals unite Israelis, Palestinians: At Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo, unlikely friendships have been struck up across the divide, over giraffes, peccaries and other fauna. (National Geographic)

Arab saves Israelis: Ahmed Eid, the Arab-Israeli who is head of surgery at Hadassah hospital, has repeatedly saved Israeli victims of Palestinian terror, but he insists it’s no big deal. (Times of Israel)

Sexy kosher lingerie in NYC: Meet Ralph and Peggy Bernstein, the Orthodox Jewish couple that runs a lingerie store that those in the know consider a hidden gem, Emily Shire writes. (Daily Beast)

Facebook and war: Social media can be a political minefield around Israel and Gaza, and the vitriol around this particular conflict drew Karen Lehrman Bloch into the digital fray.  (Tablet)

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