Elsewhere: Jewish offense league?, talk to Hamas, turning down Hillel

Miriam Moster

Jewish offense league?: France’s “loutish” Jewish Defense League exacerbates rather than curbs anti-Semitic violence, Robert Zaretsky writes. (Forward)

Sketches in wartime: In nine cartoon panels, graphic novelist Koren Shadmi describes his visit home to Israel in the middle of the Gaza war. (N.Y. Times)

Talk to Hamas: Hamas may be a terror organization, but governments have successfully negotiated with such groups before — and it’s the only way to secure peace, David Steel writes. (Independent)

Turning down Hillel: A University of Vermont student writes why the Jewish campus organization’s Israel guidelines led him to forego a job there. (New Voices)

Modest peace proposals: The satirical newspaper’s ideas for solving the conflict include “$100 spa gift cards to any Hamas members that recognize Israel’s right to exist.” (The Onion)

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