Elsewhere: Interethnic unease, doughnut swastikas, Israeli organ traffickers

Talia Lavin

After war in Israel, interethnic unease: Business and personal relationships between Arabs and Jews have suffered in the strained atmosphere following weeks of violence. (Washington Post)

Transplant nation: Driven by a low organ donation rate in Israel, Israeli patients and brokers are disproportionately influential in global human organ trafficking. (N.Y. Times)

Doughnut swastika designs: Artist and designer Sinjun Wesson is trying to revive the pre-Nazi meaning of the swastika as a symbol of peace — by adorning chic T-shirts with rainbow or donut-patterned versions of what he calls the “swazi.” (Atlantic)

The Jewish history of paprika: From King Solomon to contemporary kibbutzim, Jews are sprinkled throughout the history of this vibrant spice. (Moment)

Intermarriage still growing: Jewish leaders have been underestimating the number of intermarried households, which are increasing at a faster rate than inmarried ones, Paul Golin writes. (N.Y. Jewish Week)

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