Elsewhere: How modern, how Orthodox?, anti-Semitism hurts Palestinians, Israel’s honest broker?

Miriam Moster

After the war: After the war, the Palestinians should forge a unity government in Gaza in which Hamas renounces violence, and Israel should lift its blockade of Gaza and make meaningful concessions in the West Bank, Thomas Friedman writes. (N.Y. Times)

Israel’s honest broker?: Comparing Israeli novelist Amos Oz’s interview on the war with that of Palestinian intellectual Rashid Khalidi, Philip Gourevitch finds Oz honest and realistic and Khalidi duplicitous. (New Yorker)

How modern, how Orthodox?: Though the modern Orthodox world enjoys high birth rates and strong retention, its leaders are anxious about pressures from both left and right, Jack Wertheimer writes. (Mosaic)

Anti-Semitism hurts Palestinians: Palestinians need to differentiate between irrational prejudice and informed criticism of Israel, an Arab student from eastern Jerusalem writes. (The Atlantic)

Dead vs. kidnapped: A former chief rabbi for the Israel Defense Forces explains the techniques used in the absence of remains for determining whether a missing soldier is dead. (Jerusalem Post)

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