Elsewhere: German anti-Semitism reborn, Israel’s not-so-secret nukes, kiosk complications

Raffi Wineburg

German anti-Semitism reborn: Germany’s new and intensifying anti-Semitism — much of it originating from Europeans with a Muslim background — shows that all Germans must learn about the country’s past oppression of Jews, Jochen Bittner writes. (N.Y. Times)

Israel’s not-so-secret nukes: It’s well known that the Jewish state is sitting on a nuclear arsenal, but the U.S. government’s lack of candor about it may be doing more harm than good, write Douglas Birch and R. Jeffrey Smith. (The Atlantic)

Kiosk complications: Israelis hawking Dead Sea products at international malls have made a bad name for themselves and their country — and apparently have gained the attention of the FBI. (Times of Israel)

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