Elsewhere: Gaza’s violent history, forgetting ‘Hatikva,’ Ramadan lessons

Miriam Moster

Gaza’s history of violence: A timeline traces Gaza’s conflicts from biblical times to the present day. (CNN)

Gaza’s death toll on whose shoulders?: While some critics accuse Israel of committing a “genocide” and “massacres,” it actually has taken “exemplary” measures to prevent civilian casualties, in contrast to Hamas, William Saletan writes. (Slate)

Forgetting the meaning of ‘Hatikva’: Israelis have lost hope and embraced despair, David Grossman writes. (Haaretz)

A broken peace branch: A condolence visit to an Arab family mourning a murdered child ended on a sour note, Robby Berman writes. (Times of Israel)

Lessons from Ramadan: The month of Ramadan provides an opportunity to cultivate understanding of others, including Israelis, Hamze Awawdeh writes. (L.A. Jewish Journal)

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