Elsewhere: Bernie Madoff speaks, Israel’s sperm crisis, America’s best Jewish delis

Bernie Madoff speaks: Bernie Madoff opens up about his prison environs, how he feels toward the Jewish community he misled and politicians’ campaign financing.  (Politico)
Orthodox masturbation conversation: Orthodox institutions should have frank communication with their teenage students about masturbation, Betzalel Z. Gellberg writes. (Forward)
Israel’s sperm crisis: A lack of donors and decreasing quality of sperm is creating a crisis in Israel’s sperm banks, but doctors are thinking of innovative ways to reverse the trend. (Daily Beast)
America’s best Jewish delis: From New York to L.A., a delectable slideshow reveals where to get the best pickles, sandwiches and matzah ball soups in America. (HuffPo)
Kolkata’s dwindling Jewish community: The Jews of Kolkata, India, speak out about the long history of their rapidly diminishing community.  (BBC Radio)

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