Elsewhere: A soldier’s suicide, Israel’s weapons exports, aliyah’s fall?

Raffi Wineburg

A soldier’s suicide: David Menachem Gordon, an American IDF soldier who took his life this summer, was a victim not just of childhood sexual abuse but of rabbinical courts that protected his abuser, Rabbi Yehoshua Looks writes. (Haaretz)

Aliyah’s fall?: Israel’s bureaucracy can’t fix sagging immigration rates. Instead, new programs are needed to bridge cultural gaps, writes Haviv Rettig Gur. (Times of Israel)

Exporting weapons: Other nations are ponying up for Israel’s sophisticated military gear, making it one of the world’s top five arms dealers. (NPR)

From terror scene to canvas: Tel Aviv’s Dolphinarium discotheque — left vacant since a deadly suicide bombing in 2001 — has become a hub for graffiti artists. (Chasing Ghosts)

Safe at school?: The Gaza war and anti-Semitism in Europe have made columnist Marjorie Ingall less certain about her decision to enroll her Jewish daughters in diverse Manhattan public schools where they are very much in the minority. (Tablet)

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