Elsewhere: 66 Israeli highlights, parrying over privilege, world’s oldest (Jewish) man

Julie Wiener

66 Israeli highlights: In an annual list compiled for Israel Independence Day, Benji Lovitt details 66 things he loves about Israel.  (Times of Israel)
Israeli expats are resources: Israelis living abroad are untapped resources who can serve as “living bridges” between Jewish communities around the globe, Netaly Ophir-Flint writes.  (eJewishPhilanthropy)

World’s oldest (Jewish) man: Born into an affluent, secular Jewish family in Poland in 1903, occult scholar Alexander Imich now lives in Manhattan and recently became the world’s oldest “validated male supercentenarian.” (N.Y. Times)

Proud of ‘privilege’: Tal Fortgang, an American Jewish student at Princeton, says his success stems from the hard work of his Holocaust survivor immigrant grandparents and not his sex or skin color. (Time)

Overlooked privilege: Tal Fortgang ignores the many ways being white (and arriving in America during an economic boom) helped his grandparents make it, writes Michael Kaplan, another college student. (Forward)

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