Education Minister Naftali Bennett: Studying Judaism more important than math, science

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett said studying Judaism is more important than studying math and science.

“Studying Judaism and excelling in it is more important to me than studying math and sciences,” Bennett said Monday night.

“Even as a high-tech power that exports knowledge and innovations to the world, we must be a spiritual power and export spiritual knowledge to the world,” he said at an event marking the 40th anniversary of the TALI Education Fund, which funds Jewish enrichment studies in public non-religious schools, Haaretz reported.

“This is the next chapter in our Zionist vision. That’s how we’ll return to being a light unto the nations. From Zion shall come forth Torah and the word of God from Jerusalem,” Bennett said.

Bennett doubled down on this remarks on Tuesday in an interview with Army Radio. “We are Jews. It’s not enough to be the Start Up Nation, we must also be the Bible Nation,” he said, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The Education Ministry under Bennett has instituted a program to strengthen math studies, as well as one to increase Jewish studies, according to Haaretz.