Disabled Israeli vet sets himself alight

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A disabled Israeli veteran set himself alight two days after the death of an Israeli protester who set himself on fire during a social justice protest.

The wheelchair-bound man, 45, poured gasoline on himself Sunday at a bus station in Yehud in central Israel. Onlookers put out the flames.

He was taken to a hospital in Tel Aviv with burns on 80 percent of his body, according to reports.

His self-immolation occurred hours before the scheduled funeral of Moshe Silman. Silman set himself alight a week ago, during a social justice protest, and died on July 20.

Protest leaders, Silman’s family, and organizations that help the poor have come out publically against imitating Silman’s desperate act. But at least 6 people have threatened to set themselves on fire in recent days.

The disabled veteran reportedly was in severe financial hardship.

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