Day 27 of Jewish American Heritage Month: Go to the market

You can easily make your next food shopping trip a nod to Jewish American contributions. Need hot sauce? In 1920, Jacob Frank and his business partner introduced Frank’s RedHot (fun fact: Frank’s RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce was the secret ingredient for the first Buffalo wing in 1964). Making a sundae? Thank Aaron Lapin, a reformed clothier from Missouri whose 1947 Reddi-wip® whipped cream was the first aerosol food product on the market (hence earning him the title “The Whipped Cream King”). Roasting a chicken? Look for one from Empire Kosher, founded in 1938 by Austrian immigrant Joseph Katz in his adopted home of Pennsylvania. Put all the ingredients in Oklahoman Sylvan Goldman’s shopping cart, which was first introduced in 1937 at his supermarket chain Humpty Dumpty.

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Rebecca Soffer Rebecca Soffer is a New York-based writer and producer who has worked at “The Colbert Report” and Reboot. She tweets from @rebeccasoffer.