Conspiracy theories about the Rothschilds are still going strong on Twitter


Once again, the Rothschilds are trending. This time, it’s not because Marjorie Taylor Greene said they had space lasers, but because an economist named David Rothschild — who has nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter — responded to an Elon Musk tweet complaining about the Democratic party, calling out Musk’s privilege as the white son of a South African emerald miner.

Instantly, commenters jumped on Rothschild’s last name, pointing out the irony of a Rothschild criticizing someone else’s privilege given the family’s banking business and wealth. “A Rothschild complaining about other people’s privileges. The joke tells itself,” read one reply. “Bro you’re one of the most privelaged [sic] people to have ever lived, this is silly. At least Elon is making the world a better place,” said another, boasting thousands of likes.