Comedians in Israel and around the world mock Trump with ‘America First’ parodies

Josefin Dolsten

(Screenshot from YouTube)

(JTA) — Donald Trump has given comedy shows like “Saturday Night Live” plenty of material to work with here in the U.S. — but comics around the world are also weighing in on the new president.

Comedians from nearly 20 countries — including Israel — have been poking fun at Trump’s “America First” slogan by producing videos arguing why their countries should come in second place.

The trend started last month, when a Dutch television talk show produced a fake promotional video about their country that became a social media sensation.

Using language and intonation similar to that of the American president, the video combined beautiful stock footage of Holland with a hilarious English-language voice-over by Trump imitator Greg Shapiro, a Jewish American comedian who lives and performs in Amsterdam.

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The phrase “America First,” which Trump used during his campaign and in his fiery inauguration speech, was the name of an isolationist and often anti-Semitic movement leading up to World War II. Trump has said previously that the slogan has no connection to the past movement.

Comedians from a host of other European countries (and some surprises such as Iran, Namibia and Kazakhstan) have followed suit. Three Israeli-produced videos, including one shown on well-known comedian Lior Schleien’s show, have made the rounds on social media.

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