Come to Israel, where the videos are better

Julie Wiener


Can a clever and potentially viral video encourage young American Jews to make aliyah?

Advertisement: The Grande at Chesterfield

Apparently the Israeli government thinks so. On Tuesday, the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigration’s Israel Student Authority posted “Come Study With Us,” a tongue-in-cheek video pushing the message that life in Israel is more exciting and interesting than the humdrum, consumerist, suburban American rat race.

“Here can still be somewhere else!” the ad promises. Among Israel’s draws: “The script” is still being written, college is free (at least for new immigrants) and life’s a beach. Oh, and the women are hot. “Find your inner sabra,” the ad extols.

The video already has 27,869 views on YouTube. Not surprisingly, it has become a magnet of sorts for anti-Israel comments.

But there a few problems other than the usual risks of social-media campaigns: The video seems a bit male-oriented — perhaps the government has a version in the works with a female protagonist? And the “click here” link at the end of the video doesn’t work. (Here’s where it should link. Perhaps the video makers took their own “here can still be somewhere else” to heart when they wrote “click here”?)

So let’s see if the aliyah applications start rolling in — at least once “click here” gets fixed.

Julie Wiener is JTA’s online editor. Follow her on Twitter @Julie_Wiener