Chocolate bars meant to fund Hamas operations confiscated


(JNS) A joint operation by intelligence units of the Israel Defense Forces, the economic terrorism headquarters of Israel’s Ministry of Defense and the Israel Tax Authority stopped an attempt to transfer funds to Hamas by smuggling large amounts of chocolate bars into the Gaza Strip.

According to the report by Arutz Sheva, Israeli intelligence has recently thwarted a number of attempts to finance terrorist activities using food imports. In this case, it involved more than 20 tons of chocolate candy products.

The increased Israeli monitoring of imports to Gaza is focused on specific Arab importers that have links to the Gaza-based terror group.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, according to the report: “Israel will continue to take action to prevent Hamas from rearming. Hamas continually attempts to boost their military capacities instead of concerning themselves with the welfare of Gaza residents who live in economically straitened conditions. We will continue to pursue sources of terrorist funding, no matter what they may be.”