Canadian Parliament makes every May Jewish Heritage Month


(JTA) — The Canadian Parliament passed legislation making every May Canadian Jewish Heritage Month.

The bill unanimously passed the House of Commons on Thursday. It previously had passed the Senate.

It is expected to receive royal assent and become law before May.

Two Jewish lawmakers — Michael Levitt in the House of Commons and Linda Frum in the Senate — sponsored the measure. Levitt lauded the multi-partisan support by the Parliament.

“Canadian Jewish Heritage Month will provide an opportunity for all Canadians to reflect on and celebrate the incredible contributions that Jewish Canadians have made to our country, in communities across Canada,” Levitt said.

The substance of the bill was first proposed as a motion in 2015 by Jewish lawmaker Irwin Cotler, who has since retired.

Canadian Jewish Heritage Month mirrors legislation passed in the province of Ontario in 2012 and the congressional resolution and presidential proclamation in the United States to designate May as Jewish Heritage Month.