Canadian Jewish News to resume publishing

(JTA) — Three months after announcing its closure, the Canadian Jewish News announced that it would resume publishing on Aug. 1.

Citing falling revenues, the paper announced in April that it would cease publishing a print edition after June 20. The paper laid off all of its 50 staff members, but continued putting out an online edition.

According to Canada’s National Post, the paper received widespread support following the closure announcement and was able to finalize new advertising contracts and extend old ones. The paper will return with a slimmed-down staff and a new editor-in-chief, in addition to a higher price for subscribers.

“We’re very happy and we believe we’ve found the right methodologies to [continue the print edition] and we’re looking forward to publishing at the beginning of August,” Canadian Jewish News President Donald Carr told the National Post. “We will do what we’re supposed to do and demonstrate the independence of the paper and its commitment to bringing news and commentary to the public.”