Campaign flier in New York shows Jewish former lawmaker as puppetmaster


(JTA) — A New York Republican Party campaign flier shows a Jewish former town supervisor as a puppetmaster dangling three Democratic candidates from her strings.

The Democratic candidates for Yorktown, New York, town board and supervisor represented as puppets are a Jewish man, a black woman and an Indian man.

Critics have called the campaign flier racist and bigoted.

Yorktown is located in New York’s Westchester County.

Reginald LaFayette, head of the county Democratic Committee, told the New York ABC affiliate ABC7 that the imagery and text are full of racial overtones meant to sow fear.

The ad accuses the Democratic candidates of “making Yorktown a safe haven for illegal immigrants causing your taxes to go up.”

It also says that the GOP candidates, who are all white males are “standing up for taxpayers” and “never taking a knee” referring to the current controversy in professional sports, expecially football, over black players kneeling during the National Anthem to protest racial inequality.

The ad was paid for by the New York Republican State Committee.

The image of Jews as puppet masters is a frequently used anti-Semitic stereotype.