Cameron says Britain opposes Israeli strike against Iran at this time

NEW YORK (JTA) – British Prime Minister David Cameron said his country has informed Jerusalem that it opposes an Israeli military strike against Iran at this time.

“I don’t think as we stand today that military action by Israel would be justified,” Cameron told NBC’s Brian Williams. “I don’t think the Israelis should take that action now. We told them they shouldn’t and said we wouldn’t support it if they did. We’ve been very clear. I’m a friend of Israel. Israel has a right to exist as a democratic state. It’s very, very important it knows it has strong allies like America, like the United Kingdom , but I don’t support action now because, frankly, we’ve got more road to run in putting in place sanctions and putting in place tough measures against the regime and saying to them they need to take a different path.”

Cameron said he understands and shares Israel’s view that Iran must be prevented from having nuclear weapons, adding that all options are on the table. But, he said, the focus now should be on applying “massive pressure” through sanctions.

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Ami Eden is the editor in chief of JTA.

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