Boston-area high school principal turns to local synagogue after swastika discovered

Marcy Oster

(JTA) — After swastika graffiti was discovered at a Boston-area high school, the principal turned to a local synagogue for help in educating the students about its significance to Jews.

The swastika was found drawn on a bulletin board in an English classroom at Westwood High School, the Fox Boston affiliate reported Wednesday.

The principal emailed parents to inform them of the incident and then contacted a synagogue located down the street from the school.

“Westwood’s a small community, so we really feel close with all our neighbors and we want all students especially to feel very comfortable in school and in the town,” Rabbi Karen Citrin of Temple Beth David told Fox.

Citrin said students at the school who are members of her synagogue were upset about the swastika. The rabbi said she would visit the school and talk to the students about what the swastika symbolizes to Jews.

John Antonucci, the superintendent of the Westwood schools system, called the incident a “teachable moment.”