At Jewish conferences, it’s food glorious food.

  • TV series gives King David a mobster makeover

    With the rise in popularity of religion-based entertainment (think the upcoming TV miniseries “The Dovekeepers” and the film “Noah“) it was only a matter of time before we were treated to a biblical-Mafia mashup. Okay, so maybe not, but it looks like it’s happening anyway. “King David,” a drama series its creator, eOne, is calling… More ▸

  • CBS orders Masada miniseries ‘The Dovekeepers’

    Alice Hoffman’s bestselling historical novel “The Dovekeepers” will be turned into a four-hour miniseries for CBS airing in 2015, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The story, set in ancient Israel, follows four women who fight to save 900 Jews under siege by Romans at Masada. The producers behind the project are Roma Downey and Mark… More ▸


  • Adam Sandler tops Forbes’ list of overpaid stars

    If you haven’t rushed out to see Adam Sandler’s most recent films, you’re not alone. The thing is, while Sandler vehicles like “Jack & Jill” and “That’s My Boy” have fallen flat at the box office, the comic actor still commands mega-high paychecks — we’re talking over $15 million a pop. This disparity has landed… More ▸

  • In defense of Hitler, by Tila Tequila

    If your memory of C-list phenomenon Tila Tequila is hazy at best, the former star of the MTV reality show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” and, natch, a sex tape, is out to change that. Or — more likely — she’s simply gone off the deep end of a pool nestled deep within… More ▸