Anti-Semitic vandalism painted outside Jewish homes in Seattle


(JTA) — Anti-Semitic vandalism was discovered outside the homes of Jewish residents of West Seattle.

The red spray-painted words were discovered on Monday. Residents believe it was painted there overnight, the West Seattle Blog reported.

The word “JEW” was spray painted on a garage and “F*** JEW THEIVE” on the pavement.

The residents of the affected homes told the blog that they are Jewish, but said that they have not had any problems with neighbors or received any threats. The blog said that the families asked that the images be published on the website.

The Seattle Police Department told the blog that they are investigating the incident.

In comments on the blog post, readers wrote: “Deplorable is not a strong enough word to describe the ‘people’ who did this!” and “This is chillingly personal and targeted.  We stand together against hate, and those who seek to intimidate should know that we are always vigilant against their effort to divide us.”

“This is horrifying.  To the family that suffered this, I am so sorry.  Please know that the rest of your neighbors in West Seattle support you and do NOT condone or accept this treatment.  I really hope the criminals are caught soon,” read another response.