Anti-Semitic graffiti at U of Buffalo threatens violence against Jews

Marcy Oster

(JTA) — Anti-Semitic graffiti found in the men’s bathroom of a student residence at the University of Buffalo threatened violence against Jews.

“I’ve never seen any form of anti-Semitism like that before,” Andrew Meyer, president of the campus Jewish Student Union, told the student newspaper, The Spectrum. “I’ve seen swastikas in the past, but that is nothing compared to this.”

The newspaper, which said it had obtained photos of the graffiti, did not publish the anti-Semitic threats and slurs painted on the restroom stall.

The University Police are investigating the incident, which was reported on March 23. On Tuesday, the student newspaper reported on the graffiti, writing it may have been in place for about two weeks before the police were informed.

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Police told the newspaper that they believe the vandalism was an isolated incident, but patrols were increased near the campus Hillel and police increased their presence near campus Purim parties, which were held the day after the incident was reported.

“When acts motivated by hatred or discrimination occur, the university will respond promptly to protect the safety and well-being of the entire university community,” university spokesman John Della Contrada said in an email to the newspaper. “Diversity, inclusion and mutual respect are strongly held values of our university. We are committed to upholding these values at all times.”

Meanwhile, at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, fliers that appeared to promote Nazism were found on campus, The Associated Press reported.

According to reports citing the school’s newspaper, Mace & Crown, the fliers were discovered over the weekend on monorail poles between the engineering and education buildings. One flier carried an invitation to join a local Nazi group and included a swastika, Mace & Crown reported.

A student photographed one of the fliers and pulled it down to show a professor, according to AP.

Old Dominion said in a statement that the university police are investigating.

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