Anti-Semitic flyers in support of Daily Stormer posted on Detroit-area chuch


(JTA) — Anti-Semitic flyers were posted outside of a church in a Detroit suburb.

The flyers, which included caricatures of Jews with big hooked noses rubbing their hands together, were found Sunday morning taped outside all three entrances to the First United Methodist Church in Ferndale, Michigan, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The flyers were posted in support of the far-right website Daily Stormer, one of the internet’s most prominent anti-Semitic outlets.

“The Jews came for the Daily Stormer, and I said nothing … they are coming for YOUR free speech next,” the flyer reads.


It then shows the dates and website domains of the Daily Stormer that have been cancelled by hosts in the last year.

It also contains an image of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, founder of the InfoWars website whose podcasts and channels recently were removed from Facebook, YouTube and Apple’s media platform, with a Star of David placed over his mouth.

Jones is being sued by families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, including at least one Jewish family, for saying that the attack was staged by actors and that there is no proof that the children are dead.

The flyer says it is “Brought to you by your local Stormer book club.”

The flyers were reported to the local police. Ferndale Police Lt. Dennis Emmi told the newspaper that the flyers do not constitute a crime and receive protection under the First Amendment right to Free Speech.

“Anti-Semitism has no place in our community,” Jill Warren, whose husband is the church’s minister, told the newspaper.

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