Anti-Semitic flyer left for Jewish store owner

Anthony Weiss

LOS ANGELES  (JTA) — A store owner who is Jewish found an anti-Semitic flyer slipped under his door Tuesday morning .

The flyer, adorned with swastikas, the words “Wanted” and “Warning” and a hand-written rant, surfaced at a store in the Westwood neighborhood, close to the campus of University of California Los Angeles, according to a report by CBS 2 News in L.A.

The text of the flyer featured numerous misspellings and addressed a wide range of seemingly disparate topics, referencing O.J. Simpson, Regis Philbin, air pollution and weather patterns.

The store owner, who declined to be identified, notified Boruch Cunin, a local Chabad rabbi, of the discovery.

CBS 2 also noted that the flyer bore some resemblance to anti-Semitic leaflets found in a pair of other Los Angeles neighborhoods in June. Those leaflets also bore swastikas, the word “Warning” and hand-written screeds.