Anti-Semitic fliers dropped at homes in Bozeman, Montana for second time


(JTA) — Fliers described as anti-Semitic were dropped in front of homes in Bozeman, Montana.

The incident Saturday morning is the second this month, though the actual fliers were different.

The Bozeman Police Department received several phone calls about the fliers, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported.  It is not clear whether the same person or group is responsible for the second distribution of fliers, which was not as extensive as those on May 6, Bozeman Police Department Sergeant Hal Richardson told the local newspaper.

“It’s not the same flier as before, but is anti-Semitic; the tone is the same,” Richardson said.

The flier shows a photo of Israeli Prime Minister and President Donald Trump and includes what appears to be a fictional quote in which Netanyahu describes the U.S. as a welfare state under Israeli control.

The police are not investigating any crime, saying that the fliers fall under the category of free speech.

Anti-Semitic fliers have been distributed in other areas of Montana, including Missoula and Whitefish, the site of a planned neo-Nazi march that was later called off.