Anthony Weiner to appear on Amazon’s ‘Alpha House’

Everyone’s favorited disgraced former NYC mayoral candidate is back on screen, and fortunately this time he’ll be fully clothed. At least that’s the hope.

Anthony Weiner will play himself on the season finale of “Alpha House,” Amazon’s original political series about a bunch of senators rooming together in Washington, DC. The show was created by “Doonesbury”s’ Garry Trudeau and stars John Goodman.

According to The Wrap, the episode will be chock full of cameos from other real-life Washington players as well, such as GOP Chairman Michael Steele, CNN analyst Jeffrey Tobin, and former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw. Also making an appearance: Bill Murray, returning to the role of Senator Vernon Smits.

Surely Weiner is glad to be making positive, benign headlines again, unlike another sex scandal-scarred Jewish New York politician we know who this week was falsely accused of sucking his girlfriend’s toes in a hot tub in front of a 10 year old.

Jana Banin is the blogger for 6 Degrees No Bacon.