Andy Samberg shows off spelling skills in new The Lonely Island video

LonelyWhile Andy Samberg’s regular name is solidly Jewish, his rap name, it turns out, is…not so kosher. In their latest video from “The Wack Album,” which comes out June 11, we find out what The Lonely Island Boys are called on the bad streets of the fake rap world.

Samberg introduces us to Jorm (Jorma Taccone), Kiv (Akiva Schaffer), and then proceeds to spell out his own name: “Dude that has sex with pigs for mon­ey but only as a side thing right now, I’m just short on cash and have irons ­in the fire, but in this economy it’ll ­have to do my name is Lenny.”

See for yourself, then thank us for connecting letters together so you could just sit back and enjoy.

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Jana Banin is the blogger for 6 Degrees No Bacon.