Amy Winehouse exhibit opening at London’s Jewish Museum

Most of the images we’ve seen of Amy Winehouse tend to depict only the wild and tragic parts of her life. That’s about to change.

This summer, The Jewish Museum in Camden, Winehouse’s former London neighborhood, will feature “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait.” The exhibition, which will commemorate what would have been her 30th birthday, is focused on the late singer’s style, family life, and Jewish heritage.

“Amy was someone who was incredibly proud of her Jewish-London roots,” her brother, Alex Winehouse told Vogue U.K. “We weren’t religious, but we were traditional. I hope, in this most fitting of places, that the world gets to see this other side, not just to Amy, but to our typical Jewish family.”

The exhibition is just the latest tribute to Winehouse. A documentary is slated for this year, and there may soon be a street in London bearing her name.


Jana Banin is the blogger for 6 Degrees No Bacon.