American tourists rescued from northern Israel forest

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Five American tourists were rescued after they were lost in the woods in northern Israel.

Medics from the United Hatzalah organization, working in conjunction with the Golan Mountain Rescue Team, rescued a 70-year-old grandfather, a young couple and their 8-year-old twins on April 15 from a forest between Safed and Meron. A driver who was supposed to meet the family at the forest exit in the late afternoon notified rescue personnel when they did not emerge hours after the appointed time.

The medics combed the forest until they found the family and treated the four at the scene for exhaustion, slight dehydration and assorted minor bruises, according to the organization.

United Hatzalah is a non-profit organization with a network of 1,700 medically trained Jewish and Arab volunteers.

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