Alleged spy for Iran indicted in Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Ali Mansouri, accused of spying on Israel for Iran, was indicted in an Israeli court.

Mansouri, who has Belgian citizenship, was indicted Sunday in Lod District court on charges of espionage and aiding an enemy in wartime.


The indictment came a week after a gag order was lifted on his Sept. 11 arrest at Ben Gurion airport. He was carrying photographs of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv when he was arrested.

Mansouri, who traveled throughout Israel as Belgian businessman Alex Mans, Mansouri is believed to have been spying on Israel for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Mansouri lived in Iran until 1980, and then in Turkey until 1997, when he received a visa for Belgium and changed his name. He married a Belgian woman, from whom he is now divorced.

According to reports, Mans has lived in Iran since 2007 and is married to an Iranian woman.

He reportedly told Israeli investigators that he was recruited by Iranian intelligence, the Revolutionary Guards’ Al-Quds Force, to spy on Israel and was promised about $1 million for his services.

Mansouri’s brother, Mansour, also worked for Iranian intelligence, according to the indictment, and was present at meetings between Ali Mansouri and senior Iranian intelligence officials, the Times of Israel reported.